Training Opportunities

Customer Service Training

Exceptional customer service is critical to serving citizens. Citizens may interact with local government officials for a variety of reasons from getting a building permit to child protection. Customer Service Training is designed to provide practical tips in dealing with both internal and external customers in a variety of situations. The training recognizes that interactions between citizens and local government officials (from the custodian to the Police Chief) form a community’s impression of the competency and professionalism of a local government.

Planning Commissioner/Land Use Training

Planning and Zoning has its own language and methodology. Planning Commissioner training is designed for new and experienced Planning and Commissioners and elected officials and will acquaint them with definitions, methods, tools and language, in addiction to proper meeting procedures to effectively grow or enhance their city/county.

Customizable Training

The MVCOG is able to facilitate or create training specific to local government needs. Training may be provided regionally or on-site. Member jurisdictions typically may attend at no- or little-cost. Some examples include: Supervision in Public Sector, Cyber Security, Talking with the Media and POST-Eligible law enforcement sessions.