How to Become a Member

The Minnesota Valley Council of Governments (MVCOG) is a voluntary organization of local governments in the South Central Minnesota area established to foster a cooperative effort in resolving problems that are common local government. Membership is open to cities and counties of any size.

Representatives from the MVCOG are available to meet with City or County representatives and present to City Councils and/or County Boards. Membership may be requested at any time. Interested jurisdictions submit a membership request, which is provided to the Operations Committee. The Operations Committee will review the request and make a recommendation to the General Assembly. A jurisdiction must be accepted by a majority of the membership of the General Assembly.

Jurisdictions interested in membership can contact 507-387-8621 or


The 2020 annual assessments are based on a base rate plus per capita (2010 census population) amount.

Membership assessments are determined with the following formula:
$4,500 Base Rate (Cities and Counties) + $.36 per capita (Counties subtract the population of MVCOG member cities within their County)