The MVCOG is staffed by an Executive Director, Program Administrator, Human Resource professionals, and Senior Advisors. With combined local government years of service of over 100 years, the MVCOG team provides professional, innovative, and cost-effective services to member jurisdictions.

Executive Director
Sheila Huber serves as the Executive Director. Ms. Huber has over fifteen years of experience in Human Resources and also serves as the Total Compensation and Labor Relations Coordinator for the City of Mankato.

Program Administrator
Travis Higgs serves as the Program Administrator. Mr. Higgs has a master’s degree in Public Administration from Minnesota State University, Mankato and is the primary day-to-day operator of the MVCOG. Mr. Higgs enjoys data entry, management analysis and finding solutions to complex problems. If he doesn’t know an answer, he knows how to find it.

Human Resource Professionals
Jennifer Graves serves as the Compensation and Benefits Analyst for the City of Mankato. Ms. Graves provides valuable HR knowledge to the MVCOG with her several years of experience in the field.

Diane Biedscheid serves as the Human Resource Specialist for the City of Mankato and Administrative Secretary for the MVCOG. She has over 35 years of local government experience. Ms. Biedscheid specializes in providing high level administrative support.

Senior Advisors
Laura Elvebak serves as a Senior Advisor. Ms. Elvebak served 10+ years as Program Administrator/Director for the MVCOG and six years in County government as a County Administrator. Ms. Elvebak earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from Minnesota State University, Mankato and has substantial completion of her master’s degree in Public Administration, with an emphasis in Urban Studies from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Richard Almich also serves as a Senior Advisor. Mr. Almich earned his bachelor’s degree in public administration from St. Cloud State. He has over 40 years of experience in local government, primarily as the City Administrator for the City of Le Sueur.

Updated: 1/2020