Principles and Policies

  1. The underlying concept of the Minnesota Valley Council of Governments is that the many units of local government in the South Central Minnesota area, which includes cities, counties, school districts and townships, form one large community. The people of this regional community are bound together physically, economically and socially and are affected and served by not just one unit of local government, but by many.
  2. The physical, economic and social well-being of the South Central Minnesota area, its citizens and business enterprises, now and in the future, is dependent upon orderly development of the entire area, which will be possible only with the successful coordination of local governmental services and policies.
  3. The Minnesota Valley Council of Governments shall be a voluntary organization of local governments in the South Central Minnesota area established to foster a cooperative effort in resolving problems and plans that are common to the community with the maximum efficiency and economy. The Council shall recognize that each member of local government is sovereign and is participating on a voluntary basis.  The Council is not a government, nor does it seek to become one.
  4. Constructive and workable policies and programs for meeting the needs of member units of government will be most effectively and expeditiously developed by a regular meeting of members of the local units of government that comprise the Minnesota Valley Council of Governments.